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Welcome to Boolean Plumbing. We are young, hip and ready to bring you a fresh take on plumbing in South Africa. Our Commitment to great workmanship is at the forefront of our business.

Boolean Plumbing is directed by an internationally qualified (City and Guilds), and understandably quality workmanship. Using licensed plumbers we look to capitalize on this high level of workmanship and also bring you less robotic services. Let’s be real no one likes a stranger in their home. And more often than not service can be all so robotic, lacking in the human connection that makes the services important. We look to do things professionally while being constantly forward moving and innovative.

Welcome to Boolean

Groups we cater for…

Our Blog will have many topics but chief among them we cater for three types of audiences, First, homeowners. We will be having content to assist homeowners in knowing what is happening within their plumbing systems. It will also teach basic ways to save money, conserve the environment and maintain the basics. We respect our trade and will always inform you of tasks which require professionals.

Second, Handyman archive. While not everyone is a professional, we have created this portion for those who have some proficiency within the plumbing trade. We will consider basic design considerations and also help you to remember which tasks online for licensed plumbers.

Third, Professional Plumbers. This section will be detailed in discussions of design considerations. We look to also keep our plumbing network up to date with new developments and standards. The purpose of which is to keep South African plumbers at a high skill level and deliver outstanding services to our clients.

In the works of a millennial, find our blog content to be ‘lit’, feel free to browse our website to discover more on what we about. We like to hear from you so be sure to contact us for more!

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