Water means life, and what you can do to save a life

“Thousands have lived without love, but none without water” – W. H. Auden

Water means life, and what you can do to save a life

More than 850 million people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. There is no doubt we all appreciate the importance of water. We all are aware of the drive for sustainable use of water but what impact can we have and what can we do to utilise this resource better in our homes?

Here are 6 ways to save a life.

1. Adjust toilet cistern levels

In the past putting a brick or other object in the cistern was a way for reducing the amount of water your toilet uses. However, these object can often cause damage to the internal parts of the cistern or even cause cracks in the cistern itself. Most toilet mechanisms today have adjustable levers which are intended for this purpose starting at 6 and able to be dropped to 4 litres and still function as intended.

2. Limit showering time

While it is common knowledge that showering uses less water than bathing, we can still do better. Limit your showering time or showering with your significant other can reduce the water used by 15 litres or more per day. Shorter shower times also means reducing the usage of your system and also saving on maintenance costs on your shower.

3. Gardening times

Naturally choosing to water your beautiful garden when the sun is at its peak will cause water to evaporate sooner and depriving your plants of the precious resource. The best times would be earlier in the morning or later in the evening.

4. Cleaning appliances

Whether it be in the dishwasher or washing machine if we wait until we have a full load to clean we can save much water in this case electricity as well.

5. Replace aged tap washers or mixer cartridges

Many times a leaking tap can go unnoticed and leak for extended periods. By being aware of what’s happening in our home we can save upwards of 10 litres per day. Need help with this one?

6. Observe water meter for evidence of undetected leakage

While there is much we can see and are aware of sometimes leaks can are harder to find. Check your water meter when no one is using any appliances and if the meter is moving chances are you have a leak somewhere on your property. “What? Nah I don’t see anything”, you may be thinking. Often liquid can burrow underground without being detected. This is where you need to get the professionals involved. Have a qualified plumber come out and do a leak detection if you have the suspicion of a leak on your property.

There are countless other ways to save water on the internet, these are just some ways that generally don’t cost much and that maintain your plumbing at the same time. While many people may not be interested in the benefits that saving water has for the environment or other people, preserving it will also preserve your plumbing systems in your house and reducing maintenance costs. If saving a life is not your motivation perhaps maintenance costs could be?

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