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“Logo’s are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company” – Saul Bass

This week we thought we would share something very dear to the values of our business. That is our company logo.

While it is true a logo is used to attracted attention, for some companies it is just banter. In reality, it is an extension of a company when its members are not physically there to represent it. Ours is a logo with meaning to us and we look to bring this across through our engagement in all aspects of the business.

Boolean Plumbing
Complete Boolean Plumbing logo

Our Detailing represents 6 key features:

1. Blue, represents the most basic aspect of plumbing. Our work with cold water services and our desire to work efficiently with this precious resource.

About Boolean
Blue detailing

2. Green, represents our drive to work as environmentally friendly as possible in all aspects of plumbing and business as a whole. Limiting wastage, reusing and recycling where possible

About Boolean
Green detailing

3. Red, represents our work with hot water services and this serves as a reminder to us of safety as being at the forefront. That is true of the safety of our staff and the safety of our installations.

Red detailing

4. Yellow, represents our work with alternative heating sources such as solar and heat pump systems. As technology progresses we look to technology to keep improving our services.

Yellow detailing

5. The woman, At the heart of Boolean, is the woman which we feel is largely underrepresented in the trade industry and as a protagonist within the plumbing field. We look to support the drive for woman in the industry.

Woman within the logo

6. Diversity, the large array of colours represent our support of people of all walks of live desiring to provide clients with an engaging experience and not just a service.


As businesses, but also as tradespeople we have a social responsibility. Through these aspects, we look to meet our head-on.

While the values we stand by may be abstract to some companies. We hope this sheds more light on an important aspect of our identity. Now that you see the complete image tell us is this a logo with meaning? Which aspect of our logo do you identify with the most? Let us know down in the comments.

Boolean Plumbing
Innovative local plumbing company

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