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3 easy ways to maintain your bath in 2020

“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know any of them”. – Sylvia Plath

Whether you gain your inspiration from Cleopatra and bathe in milk or, prefer Scarface’s approach to a ‘luxurious bath’ like any good thing, baths need to be maintained. Here are 3 ways to maintain your bath this 2020, keep the milk flowing!

1. Cleaning taps 

Over time particles get stuck in tap filters or aerators and cause a reduction in the pressure of the water coming out. Most aerators can be turned out and all that then needs to be done is clear the gunk in it. Lemon juice and vinegar is a great cleaning agent for watermarks on taps. Apply on the tap and allow it to soak for a while, then take a toothbrush and scrub it thoroughly. Be aware that acidic products can stain granite or other surfaces.

2. Cleaning waste fittings and traps

Is the water from your bath moving slower than it should be? This is often as a result of hair build-up and the build-up of the products we use to clean our grimy flesh after a long days work. If you have a pop-up waste you can usually screw the top of and remove the hair with a wire hanger. Traps made of rubber can be damaged in this process. Try to flush your drainage with hot water every so often as it can loosen the gunk in the trap. Be careful with harmful drain cleaners, they can often cause more damage than what they help if used incorrectly.

3. Silicon  

Especially in older properties, silicon can begin to breakdown and may lead to water seeping in between the wall and bath. This can result in damage to the structure and also become quite unsightly. Try to check the condition of the silicon every few months and watch for signs of water damage or strange odours.


These simple tips can help you to maintain your bath. However, we always recommend having a professional out to check the situation if it is dire.

While few and fewer people are using baths, as the drive to be more eco-friendly increases. Many people still prefer having a bath. Prevention is always better than cure. Keep maintaining the basics in the hope that your bath lives long and you prosper!

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  • Anthea Dennis
    Jan 2, 2020 at 10:38

    Thanks for the tips, on sustaining my plumbing ?

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