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Class B geyser vs Class D, Does it matter?


If you have recently requested a quotation of a new geyser installation you may have look at the prices with wide eyes. No doubt the prices have gone up. You may be wondering why and no it has nothing to do with the price of petrol.

Water storage vessels (geysers) heat up water through the thermostat and element to keep it at the desired temperature ~65° C. While this process happens the thermostat and element are constantly using energy to maintain the temperature. Of course, the storage vessel through the casing loses some of the heat that is being stored through its surface we call this standing heat loss.

The amount of energy lost influences the energy rating of the vessel. In previous years, most geysers were rated class D. As of 2018, Class B geysers are being created and installed. It is now a requirement for newly installed water heats to be rated at least class B. This is according to SANS 152 legislation. For the time being classes below B can be installed but they are being phased out. Of course, Class B geysers have thicker insulation which causes a reduction in the standing heat loss of the vessel. This increase in efficiency means an increase in the cost of production.

What this means for you as a homeowner

As a homeowner, This means 3 things for you. First that your installation cost may be higher. Second, it means you are getting a geyser with better insulations, better quality product. Third, you will save on your electricity bills. This ultimately contributing to saving the environment.

Size and Location

A side effect due to the increased insulation of Class B geysers is that their size dimensions are different. This will also influence where they can be installed. In particular, they are battle to get into a normal-sized trap door.

Geyser efficiency

The price is higher. While that is true, benefits achieved with the new geyser truly speak for themselves. For more details feel free to view the document on the reasons for the changes and the goal of the authorities responsible for the changes.


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  • Yolinda
    Nov 28, 2019 at 08:48

    Very informative article?

  • Anthea Dennis
    Nov 28, 2019 at 22:00

    Great article. Thanks for sharing how to get the best value from the correct geyser selection.

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