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Blocked drain

Question: What causes a drain to block?

Answer: There are many causes for blocked drains some include

  • Tree roots. Roots are drawn to moisture. The content of a drain line is often not just moist but also full of nutrients. Tree routes can break drain pipes and block the line.
  • Poor gradient. While less common, slopes can contribute to slow flow of drainage and as a result blockages when the system is used frequently.
  • Normal blockage. Sometimes traffic just builds up causing the line to stop.

Burst Pipe

Question: What to do when a ‘pipe bursts’.


  1. Call a plumber
  2. Shut off the water to that area

While you wait for the response plumber, the best thing to do is to isolate your water. That requires knowing where to shut off your water this could be a PRV entering the dwelling if you can’t find that at the water meter outside.

Overflowing Geyser

Question: Why is my geyser overflowing

Answer: there are 2 overflows for your geyser installation. It could be

  • Small copper pipe. Should this be discharging water, this means that either your Thermostat or element is not operating correctly.
  • Larger white PVC pipe. For some reason, water is flowing into your geysers drip tray. In most cases, this due to damage to the geyser casing (burst geyser).

General FAQ

Question: There is rattling when I open the water.

Answer: Water hammering is the name.

In some cases, water hammering is caused when pipes are not correctly supposed or the pressure is too high. In other cases, debris in a tap head can cause hammering.

Blocked drain

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